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Custom 1/1 Ka'oha "Retirement Edt" with Ceramic U’u Club -2015


After twenty something years of collecting I'm needing to downsize the collection some...
The mugs listed in this category are either vintage mugs or newer artists series limited editions that I've collected over the years, only one of each so once there gone there gone.. ;)
Read the description below for info on each.. If there is a problem with a mug of some sort (chip,crack etc..) it will be listed in the description. ;)

*** If purchasing multiple mugs, I will have to figure out the shipping after you place the order and refund you or charge you for whatever the actual shipping will be. Shipping here from Maui the most economical way to ship is either UPS ground or USPS priority mail.**

One from my personal collection that I finished about nine years back. This is one of the "Retirement Edition" Ka'oha mugs with the ceramic U'u club that I had come to life soon after meeting Gecko over on Oahu.
This is one of the only ones that I customized and the only one that looks like this.
The standard edition of 250 we had made were done up in a bone wipe glaze with the green interior.

Stands just a little shorter than the full customs that I make of this design currently.
(U'u Club is super fragile since its ceramic so not to be used as a stir, display only)

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