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SIN IS IN! By Derek Yaninger (Sold Out everywhere but here!)


Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Don DeVille, the hottest pitch man south of the earth’s crust! He’s up to his fiendish ways as usual and the Hades Bureau of Tourism is beckoning you! His newest slogan “Sin is In!” is another disguised attempt of this wily fellow to lure you down into the bowels of his favorite watering hole... “The Not-so-Lucky Lava Lounge!”, complete with cascading walls of molten lava, erupting not-too-distant volcanos and in the background on the radio... well it’s a continuous loop of “The Red Hot Chili Peppers” and “The Ding Dong Devils”, two of Don’s favorite bands.

Don comes to you very nicely coiffured and he’s sportin’ a freshly hellish-heat, steam-pressed Tuxedo – doin’ his darndest to lure you into his 7.25” tall, 20 oz. filled to the brim beguiling ways!

Enjoy Don in his amazing luminescent, fiery-red glaze... it’s hotter (much!) than a grease fire baby!

Artist: Derek Yaniger
Height: 7.25"
Capacity: 20 oz.

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