Aloha and Mahalo's for checking out the site! I'm a ceramic Tiki mug maker as well as a collector living here on Maui since 1989.  I started selling Tiki mugs back around the year 2000 here at our shop in Kihei called Beachbumz. Not much longer after that I started collecting these mugs, mostly just the one's I really liked that I was getting from Tiki Farm and the lucky score from a garage sale or thrift shop. In 2009 I was asked by a good friend, Rob Hawes aka TikiRob to come carve a coconut log he had laying around his hale. After carving that day I was hooked on it and wanted to learn more. After carving a few others we decided we wanted to try carving them out of clay and make mugs. Rob had a good friend here on Maui by the name of Will Herrera that had his own ceramic studio at his home close by here in Kihei. Will showed us the basics of what to do and the rest we learned off Tiki Central and various websites, the rest is history.. ;)

I make all my designs here in my small home studio on Maui. I try and do limited amounts of each design and keep them slightly different from one another ranging from the texture & grain to the glazes used on each one. If you see a design you like but it is sold out feel free and email me and I can let you know if I have any other similar pieces available either in the studio or at the shop.

Since 1999 Beachbumz Tiki & Gift Shop has been located in the same location in Kihei at Kalama Village Marketplace. Just a small shop but we try and keep it filled with as much Tiki as possible as well as other great gift items like Bamboo & Koa wood picture frames, Kamani wood items, cool sunglasses, huge beach blanket towels and lots more.  Were located in the front of the market, directly behind the Local Boy Shave Ice stand. South Shore Tiki lounge is behind us just about 100’ away, known for there awesome pizza and island-style mai tai's, definitely gotta check them out as well! 

Follow me on Instagram @Tikipop and also the shop's account @Beachbumzmaui  to see recently finished pieces and newer one's I'm just starting on.


We use USPS Priority Mail for mailing unless it is going International in which case it may go USPS Air Mail depending on the weight of the box. If you don't see your country listed send me an email and I'll let you know if I can ship there and the amount it will cost. If you order more than one item there may be a discrepancy in the shipping amount charged due to weight and size factors needed to ship. If needed I will adjust the shipping total and contact you if there is a difference in the total for shipping.


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