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I'm Scott Taylor, a ceramic tiki artist as well as a tiki collector here in Hawaii on the beautiful island of Maui. I specialize in making custom handmade tiki mugs, tiki shot mugs, tiki pendants and other tiki inspired objects under the names Tikipop & BeachbumzI got hooked on Tiki decades back after meeting da ohana at Tiki Farm in Los Angeles at a trade show back in 2000. After seeing all there amazing tiki mugs on display I knew I had to have these at our shop Beachbumz. A few years down the road I’d meet up with a brada named Rob Hawes (Tikirob) who came by the shop trying to sell me some very cool tiki mugs he designed but had made overseas. Those mugs sold awesome but eventually we decided that we should try making them ourselves here on Maui and keep it local. In 2009 with the help of Will Herrera, an incredible ceramic artist for decades here on Maui that dream came true. Will invited Rob and I over to his home studio where he welcomed us to use his ceramic slip that we needed to make the mugs, the spray booth for applying glazes and to fire our mugs in one of his many kilns. We were hooked after pulling our mugs out of that very first kiln firing... Evenually we ended up buying our own tiny kiln off of Craigslist that we shared for years.. The rest is history I guess, got bit by the Tiki bug and have loved making them ever since!

Beachbumz Tiki & Gift Shop - Kihei
Since 1999 Beachbumz Tiki & Gift Shop has been located in the same location in Kihei at Kalama Village Marketplace. Just a small shop but we try and keep it filled with as much tiki as possible as well as other great gift items like our bamboo & koa wood picture frames, unique kamani wood gift items, dozens and dozens of sunglass styles, tons of cool metal art signs in various sizes and so much more. Most of the time I have some of the custom tiki mugs that I've made available on the shelf but they do sell out quick at times.. If you don't see any be sure and ask us if we have any available that aren't out possibly. ;)

We're located in the front of the market, just behind the Shave Ice Stand, look for all the tiki mugs and sunglasses and you'll see us there in the center! Also be sure to check out our friends at South Shore Tiki Lounge which is located just behind us just about 100’ away. Awesome pizza and yummy island-style mai tai's, definitely gotta check them out as well! 

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We ship USPS Priority Mail for all tiki mug orders, smaller items like tiki pendants will most likely be shipped First Class mail to save on shipping. International Shipments will go USPS Air Mail depending on the weight of the box in which case it may need to go the more expensive way, Global Priority.