12" Hand Carved Wooden Makau - Hawaiian Fish Hook


The makau is not only a symbol of beauty, strength, prosperity, and fertility but also played a integral roll in Polynesian culture. Polynesians respected the makau because it was used to provide food for the native villages, it was used in everyday fishing by the lawai'a (fishermen). In Polynesian mythology, Maui used his hook to pull up the islands that we now know as the Hawaiian Islands.

These makau are made from Suar wood which is a type of mahogany… Each have been coated with a clear coat so it's perfect for that Hawaiian room, tiki bar, swimming/bbq area at your hale.

Every hook will vary slightly from the grain to the color on each piece.
This is for one 16" makau.. If buying multiple items we will do our best to pack them together to save you on the shipping charge..

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